Whether you’re a teacher or a student, when someone says “fractions,” I don’t know if anyone gets excited. Teaching fractions can be an intimidating thought. It is often times a topic that is hard to understand. One of the key things I have learned is that when you teach a unit on fractions, you need to break it down into very basic lessons. Start out with learning what a fraction is and what the numerator and denominator represent before even thinking about comparing or adding them.

fraction manipulatives

Technology is becoming ever apparent in our world, including our classrooms. Technology can be a great way for students to do independent practice and get instant feedback. Teachers do not have the ability to work with every student one-on-one every day. Utilizing an app or a game can help solve this problem. This blog outlines 5 online math manipulatives you can utilize in your classrooms.

I have who has game

Hands on activities can be really helpful for students to understand fractions. This is especially true for your hands on and visual learners. Games are a great way to keep students engaged and to have a little fun while learning. This blog explains a fraction game similar to “Go Fish.” It only requires you to print off the game cards and cut them apart. They could be printed on cardstock and laminated so they can be used over and over again.

I spy

This teacher outlined an entire week of fractions in her classroom. From scavenger hunts to fraction bingo, her unit looks fun! She utilizes “math sprirals” which are notebooks her students put key ideas in so they can refer to them. You could also use this as an assessment. For one assignment, she had her students color parts of shapes and then underneath them, write the corresponding fraction. This would be an easy way to check to see who is understanding the concepts and who needs more instruction.

fraction page


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