DIY for Your Classroom

So you’re telling me I have to set up an entire classroom on literally little to no money? Where do I start? Since all of us teachers are millionaires, this shouldn’t be a problem. HA! I think this is one of the biggest hurdles we come across when setting up our classrooms. How do we set up a welcoming, engaging environment to meet all of our students’ needs on a slim budget? My answer for that is “DIY!”

One idea I found for bulletin boards is to make a tissue paper border instead of buying your usual paper border. This blog has a great tutorial on how to create a tissue paper border. You can shop the clearance isle and get some really great deals, especially after holidays!

Tissue Paper Border

Individual dry erase boards are essential in any classroom. One of the best uses for them I have seen is for exit tickets. You can ask your students to write down their answer for their exit ticket on their dry erase boards and quickly scan the room to evaluate what your students know. Kids also love to write on dry erase boards. As another perk, it also cuts down on paper usage! However, these can be spendy. This blog explains how to make dry erase boards for your classroom for a fraction of what you’d pay in a store.

Dry Erase Boards

Do you need an idea for extra seating in your classroom that isn’t another chair? Check out this teacher’s idea for making your own bench for your classroom. It’s simple to make and will add some color to your classroom. All you need are some crates, fabric, some foam and zip ties and you’ve got yourself a bench! You could also modify it and make individual seats for students to sit on at their desks or in a reading corner. Use plywood to make the seat part to cover the hole of the crate and you’ve got a seat with its own storage.


Do you have any kids that are easily over stimulated? Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep these kids calm or to calm them down when they are overstimulated. This blog has some great ideas for DIY sensory bottles and other sensory items you can easily make for your classroom.

Sensory Bottles

Needless to say, these are just a few ideas out of thousands that you can find. Or you can come up with your own and share with the rest of us! Pinterest will quickly become your best friend. It’s easy to use, has great ideas and it’s FREE!


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